Geohumor: World War II on Facebook

Another professor at UPS showed me this – any WWII history fan should read it!

The Facebook Version of World War II

The overly proper should be warned – I’d rate it a PG-13 given some of the language and themes.  Still fun, but flirting with offensive from time to time!

To give you a little taste, I’ve included a cut of my favorite section of the conversation: Operation Barbarossa.  For those of you who do not know what that is, that would be when Germany decided it was a good idea to invade the Soviet Union. As you can imagine, German tanks + Russian bad weather + crazy Russian military tactics = a lot of dead Germans.

The Russians are still pretty proud of this event, and rightly so…many still call it the Great Patriotic War.

If you go to the original website, you might notice I’ve changed the flags.  The original post used the wrong flag for the Soviet Union (they use the flag of the Russian Federation, not the USSR).  As for Germany’s flag, frankly, I don’t like having the Nazi symbol on my blog, not even for joke posts!


Your thoughts?

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