Sweden: good times, good tweets

Yesterday, I went to Seattle’s Swedish Cultural Center for a Swedish pancake breakfast (yum, carbs!) and got my lingonberry fix.

In the spirit of all things Swedish, check out this New York Times blog from a few weeks ago about Sweden and technology:

In Sweden, Twitter Is Democratic, and File Sharing Is a Religion

It takes a pretty open and egalitarian society to be willing to hand over their country’s Twitter account to a lesbian truck driver, especially one who then goes on to criticize their policies towards transgendered individuals.   I am curious about how they chose the Swede for each week.  A country-wide lottery?  If so, maybe they’ll get around to choosing someone who is not from Stockholm soon…

You can follow each week’s Swede on their Twitter account ( @Sweden), or you can check them out online (https://twitter.com/sweden).  At the time of my post, this week’s Swede is Daniel, a leader writer from Sweden’s largest newspaper, Aftonbladet (if you speak Swedish or have a really good Google translator, you can check it out here).

On a somewhat bizarre aside – apparently Swedish words give the spell check troubles.  I got dinged for “lingonberry” and “Aftonbladet.” I expect the later one to have problems, but lingonberry? They make a fantastic jam, and should be added to the WordPress lexicon


Your thoughts?

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