Russia’s Election: The Role of the Media

One week now until Russia’s presidential election.  While it looks like Vladimir Putin will win pretty easily, it has been a fascinating election to follow.  Last week, I got to listen in on a conference call by former Ambassador Stephen Sestanovich (now at the Council on Foreign Relations) and what changes have been going on in Russia.

One of the more interesting changes, I think, has been what”s been happening with Russia’s media.  For a brief overview, check out this really neat short video on the role of the media in Russia’s election from the BBC (check it out here).

They briefly mention one of the more interesting trends we are seeing in this election: the emergence of an “alternative” media scene through online media.  In fact, a major leader of the anti-corruption opposition scene has been blogger Alexei Navalny (you can see a profile on him from the BBC and a timeline from the Moscow Times).  If you are a Russian speaker, his blog can be found here.  Even if you don’t speak Russian, he has some neat pictures posted of the most recent “chain” protests in Moscow.


Your thoughts?

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