Blogging and the Russian election

I promise, I’ll go back to blogging about the rest of Europe soon, but one last post on the Russian election before they go to vote this Sunday…

The BBC has a neat article on how LiveJournal has helped empower the Russian opposition movement.

Does blogging about LiveJournal count as cheating on WordPress?

Also, for anyone who is interested, students in my Intro to Comparative Politics class get extra-credit for correctly predicting the first round results in the Russian presidential election (bonus points if they do better than me!).  While they had to put down their exact percent, here’s the general breakdown for what percent they think Putin will receive (at least, on what is officially reported!):

  • Below 29%: 2 students
  • 30-39%: 5 students
  • 40-49%: 7 students
  • 50-59%: 6 students
  • 60% or above: 4 students

I will note, our highest prediction is 67% of the vote for Putin.  Our most common prediction is 53% (3 students are guessing this), which is also the number I settled on for my guess before class started as this was the estimate of Putin’s support in the most recent public polls.

I’m looking forward to see who gets the official vote “right.”


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