Voting is sexy…at least in Russia

New campaign ad for Putin has gone viral…

Rough translation…

  • Fortune-teller:  Now, let’s see if we can tell you who your destined one is.
  • Girl: You know, I want it to be for love.  It’s the first time for me.
  • Fortune-teller: The cards will tell us the truth.  I see it will be for love…and without cheating
  • …Flips over card with Putin…
  • Girl:  That’s him!
  • Fortune-teller: You’ll be happy with him, in a way you won’t be with the Communist.

The scene ends with the girl going to the polling station, and the ad ends with “Putin.  The first time – only for love.”

This ad continues United Russia’s campaign to get out the vote (vote early, vote often) from this December under the title “Let’s Do It Together”…

…and is slightly less creepy than the Putin ad where a woman consults a doctor and her doctor basically assures her that Putin will make it good for her (because it’s implied the doctor has his own experience with Putin)…


And as for Russia’s emerging opposition, check out this cute video from The Guardian about toy protests in Siberia.



  1. Oh wow. The tarot cards commercial definately jumped to the top of the list as my favorite campaign ad of all time!

  2. Here’s my translation of the “doctor” ad:

    Doctor: To tell you, the main thing is to be sure it is safe. Before everything, you need to know all your options.
    Woman: Yes doctor, I understand.
    Doctor: It’s important the first time.
    Woman: Do I need to…
    Doctor: Yes. It’s important that your first time is for love. I completely support your choice (note – can also be translated as “I completely support your vote”).
    Woman: Really?
    Doctor (looking up at calendar with Putin): With him, it will be safe.

    …And again, ad ends with woman going to polling station and that “First time” slogan.

    Like the other translation, this one is more figurative than literal, since some Russian phrases make little sense in English.

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