If you misuse grammar, at least be consistent

Yes, Satsuma owns $2.99...

A non-political themed post this time, and a little grammar rant I’ve been meaning to post for a while…

As a professor, one of my pet peeves is poor grammar, especially the abuse of apostrophes.  They are for possessives and contractions ONLY, not for plurals!  Every time I read a paper that goes on about how “During the 1990’s,” my first reaction is “What is ‘the 1990’ and what does it own that you are so obsessed with?”

It’s hard to blame students for this sort of error when the world around them is full of bad grammar and an abuse of punctuation. So, fruit sellers, please make my job a little easier and don’t teach my students bad grammar!

Or if you do, at least be consistent in the bad grammar you teach them…


Your thoughts?

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