Blog Writing 101: The Eurobloggers Top 5

Last spring, I wrote a few sample posts to help my European politics students figure out what they should do for their blogs.  Each post had one blog-writing tip, so I now have 5 tips that I think make a good list for someone who is just starting out blogging.

Here are my 5 tips:

  • The title is everything!!!  A lot of readers will read your title (not your introduction) to decide if they want to read the rest of your post.  Come up with something eye-catching, interesting, or funny.
  • Write at least 2 drafts of each blog.  After the first draft, read your post VERY critically to eliminate any awkward phrasing or unnecessary words or information.  For long, in-depth posts, I’ll wait a day then go over the draft a third time just to get a fresh perspective.  You’ll be amazed about what you missed in the first re-write – I sure was!
  • Link early, link often.  Hyperlinks make your post more interactive and fun for the readers, and they can replace traditional in-text citations.
  • Write short paragraphs!  Readers interact differently with online sources than with print sources (they tend to skim more).  While 1-2 sentence paragraphs are too short for a professional paper, they are perfectly acceptable in a post.
  • Use bullet points.  Don’t feel like you need to put everything in proper paragraph formatting.  If done correctly, bullet points can be a quick and reader-friendly way to present a lot of information.

For other bloggers, what would you add to this list?


Your thoughts?

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