Europe + Multiculturalism = Anders Breivik?

The beginning of school has definitely been crazy, so I am a couple days late on posting this news story: Anders Breivik has been sentenced.  While many Americans might find the ruling a bit too lenient (21 years for killing 77 people), Time has a good article on what this ruling says about Norway’s judicial system.

Since the ruling, there has been considerable media discussion of all aspects of the trial; The Guardian has an entire page dedicated to it (I personally find the Op-Ed “Let’s give Breivik the sentence he deserves: silence” a bit ironic buried in the midst of all the media feeding frenzy).  

The newest twist on this story has been on Richard Millet, a French essayist, and his statement that Breivik was acting out on frustrations inspired from multiculturalism.  According to Millet, multiculturalism, “as it has been imported from the United States,” is that “mosaic of ghettoes in which the [host] nation no longer exists.” and that this alienation somehow pushed Breivik.  I’m almost impressed that his criticism of immigration managed to include a petty dig at the US – he also lamented the “Islamization of Europe,” so I guess he wanted to make sure he covered the typical villains of the French conservative literary class.


Your thoughts?

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