A brief recess for American politics…

Now, I usually don’t spend much time on American politics (because, frankly, I find it pretty boring), but I am a fan of comedian Mo Rocca.  And, when I heard he was doing a documentary on US electoral rules called Electoral Dysfunction, I had to check it out.  This clip is a great example of how changing the rules of an election changes the results.

Go markers!

Just in case the YouTube video still cuts out on the sound in the last half, here’s the link to the original New York Times Op-Doc.

And for any of you who are thinking “Is she ever going to go back to writing on Europe?” – this does have a European twist!  Sort of…

I showed this video to one of my Intro to Comparative Politics students (we covered comparative elections earlier this week), and their response was “Germany’s elections don’t seem that weird now.”


Your thoughts?

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