How much do Russians really like Putin – or the opposition?

Apparently, I’m a bit behind on my news…what can I say, I’ve been reading about China recently!

A few days ago, The Moscow Times posted this story: “Report Shows Plunging Support for Putin – and Protest Leaders”

I’m apparently not the only one behind on this, as the original report for this was released back in May.  The main argument behind this report was that Putin’s public opinion numbers may be exaggerated; the main reason they may be so high is because most Russians see no viable alternative to him as a political leader.

While the regime has criticized this report as being inherently flawed, the findings do highlight a trend many experts in the region have been concerned about for years: Russia’s population is increasingly alienated from the political process, and this cynicism does pose a threat to the long-term political stability of this region.


Your thoughts?

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