If you’re going to protest…

…do it big?

At least, that seems to be the European way of doing things.  Dairy farmers have sprayed the EU parliament (and the police guarding it) with milk in protest of the EU budget discussions which have cuts to the EU’s farm subsidies.  While the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is supposed to drop to 36% of the EU budget in 2013 (it used to be over half the EU budget), it still represents one of the largest pots of EU money, and the debate over this is going to be intense.

Speaking of the EU debt crisis, Portugal adopts new tax hikes in response to pressure from the EU and IMF as part of their debt relief package, despite resistance from opposition parties.  And the EU and IMF have reached agreement on releasing funds to Greece (who have been waiting for these funds since June).

Now if only the EU could figure out how to get their finances in order, considering that the last talk on the budget failed a few days ago.  They better figure it out soon…the OECD is apparently rather upset at them for their inaction.


Your thoughts?

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