The Onion Strikes Again

In September, I did a short news post about how the Iranian news agency (Fars) accidentally ran an Onion article as a real story.  Apparently, other governments have not learned this lesson, because China’s People’s Daily (the official voice of the Communist Party) just did the same thing.

Is there something about non-democratic regimes that prevent them from understanding satire?

I’m surprised by 2 things in this story:

  1. No one at the People’s Daily found it odd that a US news source would list North Korea’s Kim Jong Eun as the sexiest man alive.
  2. The People’s Daily has apparently done this before (in 2002) when they plagiarized an Onion story on the US Congress. Shouldn’t the organization have sent out a memo or something about this?  Maybe something like “Stop using their stories, they’re not a real newspaper!”

The Onion, of course, has perhaps the best (or at least most sarcastic) quote on this whole fiasco: “Exemplary reportage, comrades.”


Your thoughts?

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