My new favorite graph: how your fridge compares to African economies

I was Googling some interesting graphs/pics to use in my Global Econ class this week (we’re learning about development policy and poverty traps), and came across this graph, posted by Todd Moss at the Center for Global Development.

From Todd Moss’ blog post: My Fridge Versus Power Africa

After doing the math, you realize that his fridge uses eight times more energy in a year than the average person in Ethiopia does.

Now that is an economic gap!  

Think of what that implies about these country’s energy infrastructure…and what a strain it will be if these states try to modernize and adopt more energy-hungry machines and appliances.  Will these countries follow a similar trend of India, which has been seeing increasing power outages in recent years, including a 2012 blackout that left 670 million people with no electricity?

From the National Post article “India power blackout.” The red area are the regions that lost power, but if you look at the bottom of the chart, you might notice that these blackouts keep on getting bigger and bigger…



Your thoughts?

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