Brits apparently vote to cut off nose to spite face

The Brexit vote is in, and its been interesting watching the reactions… financial and otherwise.

The Telegraph has a good article on this that I find interesting, especially for some of the pictures.

A Twitter post under #brexitfail shows what tends to happen in real life when your currency crashes overnight.

Turning to politics, the vote split the UK regions, and that is likely to have some long-term impacts.  Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish Nationalist Party member and Scottish First Minister) and Northern Ireland’s Martin McGuiness (member of Sinn Fein and Deputy First Minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly) are both calling for referendum that would potentially break up the UK.

Regional results published by the Telegraph.  Click on the image to go to the full article.

While the Northern Ireland claim is a bit of a long shot, the Scottish referendum call should be taken very seriously.  In 2014, 55% of Scottish voters voted in favor of staying in the UK, with continued membership in the European Union being a major draw.  Yesterday, 62% of Scotland voted in favor of remaining in the EU, suggesting that loyalty to the EU may be higher in Scotland than loyalty to the British crown.


Your thoughts?

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